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Booking Live is the developer of a very powerful online booking system which is used by many businesses and local authorities, and increasingly by before- and after-school clubs and holiday clubs. Booking Live has now created a booking software package specifically for out of school clubs, with an exclusive discount for members of the Out Of School Alliance.


Features of the Booking Live package for out of school clubs include:

  • Accepts online payments
  • Intuitive and easy to use admininstration system
  • Accepts childcare vouchers as a method of payment
  • Set up and use promotional codes
  • Export and print daily, weekly, monthly or yearly registers
  • Customisable forms to collate dietary, healthcare requirements and parent's permissions
  • Store customer records and add notes
  • Create sibling discounts (fixed)
  • CMS page editor included within the system to create and manage web pages
  • Create waiting lists
  • Monitor occupancy levels
  • Automated email and SMS confirmations and reminders (additional fee for SMS messaging)
  • Automatic generation of customer accounts which parents can log‐in to

Special offer for OOSA members

The standard price of the out of school club package consists of two elements:

  • One‐off set up fee: £600 (+VAT)
  • Monthly tariff: £50 (+VAT) per month

But for OOSA members Booking Live is offering an exclusive discount of £400 on the the set-up fee, meaning that you pay only £200 (+VAT) for this element.

To claim your discount, just state that you are an OOSA member when you place your order with Booking Live.

Customised solutions available

As well as to the standard package for out of school clubs outlined above, Booking Live can also custom-build additional features specific to your requirements. The day rate for this is £600, however Booking Live will offer a 20% discount to members of the Out of School Alliance. This includes features such as integration with your existing accounting and CRM systems.

More information

To find out more about the out of school club package from Booking Live you can: