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Barbecue safety

This guest article is by Morton Michel, the childcare insurance specialists. For more advice on insurance issues, call 0845 2570 900 or visit www.mortonmichel.com.

It looks like Summer has finally arrived in the UK and we're sure that many after school and holiday club settings will be taking advantage of the weather by providing barbecues for the children!

With reports of over 1,800 people attending A&E in the UK due to incidents involving barbecues, we have put together some safety tips to enable you to have a fun and accident free barbecue.

  • People enjoying a barbecueSite the barbecue on firm level ground away from fences, trees, hedges and buildings.

  • Make sure that the barbecue area is roped or cordoned off.

  • A responsible adult member of staff must supervise the barbecue at all times.

  • Keep children and activities away from the cooking area.

  • Ensure that a trained First Aider is present on site and that suitable first aid materials are available.

  • Keep a suitable fire extinguisher on site.

  • Fully extinguish the barbecue and safely dispose of any flammable materials used at the end of the event and before leaving the site.

Be aware that even when you've finished cooking, your barbecue will take a while to cool. Keep the children at a safe distance until it's completely cooled down. Empty ashes onto garden soil and not into dustbins.

Keep these simple rules in mind and all you'll have to do is enjoy yourself!