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We know that it can be hard to keep coming up with fun and interesting things to keep the children entertained at home, so we've gathered together some of our favourite activities for children aged 5 to 11 in order to share them with you in our new Home Activities Hub. Take a look at:

More activity resources and ideas coming soon so do check back!

Note that our activities are aimed at children of primary school age. Some may also be suitable for pre-school children with minor adjustments, but this is at your own discretion as the activities may include elements which are not appropriate for young children such as small parts, hot surfaces or substances that need treating with caution.


Super Silly collection

This collection features activities which are just so silly you'll all be laughing before long and no-one can complain they're bored!

Flying ping pong monster activityFlying ping pong monster
Can you keep the ping pong ball hovering over the monster's mouth? This is our lockdown gift to all parents and childcare workers. If you are hoping for five minutes with no one calling your name, this is the activity you need. No child is able to blow the ping pong ball and talk to you at the same time. You’re welcome!


Human hungry hipposHuman hungry hippos
Most children are familiar with the 'Hungry Hippos' game, but what about scaling the whole thing up to human size? This very, very silly game will have everyone shrieking with laughter and appeals to all ages.


Rolling feet activityRolling feet
We were looking for a really silly activity to cheer everyone up, and believe that we have found it with Rolling Feet. Really simple to set up, uses easy to find materials, and guaranteed to make you giggle as the feet wobble down the hallway.



Monster feetMonster feet
These monster feet are fun at any time of the year! Easy to make with old flipflops and cardboard, and perfect for silly indoor games when everyone needs cheering up on a gloomy afternoon or for mucking about outside in the sunshine.


Elastic slimeElastic slime 
This is so brilliant - you must have a go at making it! The elastic slime is the most amazing substance - you can pour it or pull it or snap it, but left on its own it returns to a blob. Kids of all ages just can't keep their hands off it.


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