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Playworker, Bicknacre, Essex

Club or setting:Jesters Kids Club
Location:Bicknacre, Essex
Hours:3.5 hours per day, 5 days per week
Job title:Playworker
Salary:£17,000 per year
Closing date:2 June 2019


Job overview:

The role of the Playworker is to create a safe, fun and welcoming environment for all children and their parents/ carers and to deliver the highest standards of welfare and education to all the children in Jesters care.

Assist in the creation and maintenance of a safe culture for all children in line with Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Equalities policies and procedures

Key responsibilities:

1. Childcare and Education Development-

Run activities for 3-12 year olds taking into account children's individual needs and abilities, to provide a safe, caring and stimulating play environment.

Supervise and support children at all times.  Promoting positive values, attitudes and good child behaviour, dealing promptly with conflict and incidents in line with the established policies and encouraging children to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

Promote an inclusive social, physical, creative, emotional and intellectual play spaces for all children using a range of resources and personal skills so that all aged children feel valued and involved.

Staff Management and Development-

Work collaboratively as part of a highly effective team with other staff actively seeking to build and maintain relationships with all other team members.

Take an active role in team meetings and training events encouraging ideas and learning from others at all levels.

Operational Control-

Ensure the Club offers the highest standards of physical and emotional care, security, Health & Safety and personal and food hygiene at all times.

Clear up from daily activities including simple cleaning duties identified through own observations and as requested by the Playwork Manager and ensuring all hygiene procedures are adhered to.

Keep completely confidential any information regarding the children, their families or other staff, which is acquired as part of the job.

Carry out all responsibilities within agreed policies and work within an equal opportunities and safeguarding framework, informing the Playwork Manager of any concerns.

Parental Involvement: Managing Customer Service, Information and Marketing-

Help develop the quality of the Club by offering new ideas for service improvements and collaboration with the children, team and parents/ carers

Build strong parent/ carer relationships through day to day liaison with parents, resolving any issues or complaints as they arise, encouraging parental involvement at all levels.

Promote the Club to current and potential parents/ carers and participate in any marketing or fundraising activities undertaken by Jesters.

Develop and maintain friendly and professional relationships with parents/ carers and proactively represent Jesters services in the local community.


Read, understand and follow all company policies and procedures and assist in the development of these by making suggestions to the Playwork Manager.

Liaison with outside agencies and other community partners

Support a positive relationship with OFSTED.

Develop a good collaborative relationship with schools in the local area, plus other providers and members of the local community.

It is essential that the applicant has a driving license and a vehicle they can use for work purposes.  

Contact: emma@jesterskids.org

Jesters is committed to a proactive Safeguarding Environment for all children. Our policies and protocols support the maintenance of a robust culture of child protection and welfare. Successful candidates will be DBS checked

Date posted: 2 May 2019