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Playworker, Cheltenham

Club or setting:Child's Play Clubs UK Ltd
Location:Gloucester Road Primary School, Cheltenham
Hours:3 hours per day, 5 days per week, term-time only
Job title:Playworker
Salary:£8 per hour
Closing date:13 February 2019



You'll need a range of skills and qualities to support the children at Childs Play Clubs UK ltd

  • Passion and enthusiasm
  • Commitment, to improve the lives of children and their families
  • Patience, with children, their families and the early years environment
  • Flexibility, to deal with change and the unexpected
  • Respect for others
  • Creativity
  • Lots of energy, to keep up with the children and stay motivated
  • Sense of humour, to keep learning fun
  • Love of learning

Purpose of the Job 

To assist the Site Manager in providing a caring, secure and fun environment, through individual attention and group activities, and to organise appropriate range of play opportunities for children between the ages of 4 -11 years. 

Key Job Outcomes 

  1. Organise and supervise a programme of play activities for After School Club. 
  2. Liaise with the Site Manager, keeping clear notes to share information on children. 
  3. Work safely and encourage positive and measure risk taking from the children, showing an awareness of health and safety regulations and guidelines. 
  4. To request, through Site manager / Area Co-0rdinator, new resources for future programme and development needs.
  5. To provide a safe, stimulating, creative and inspiring, play opportunities for a range of age groups.
  6. Preparing - in collaboration with children - activities, organising programmes/ themes and arranging equipment.
  7. To ensure that all activities are inclusive for all children to take part in. 
  8. To help to develop and maintain good relationships and communications with parents/carers to facilitate day-to-day caring needs. 
  9. To encourage parental involvement and support through the development of effective working relationships. 
  10. To consult with the children and involve them in the planning of activities. 


Support the Site Manager in planning a wide range of creative and enjoyable activities.

  1. Consult with the children in order to plan activities.
  2. Ensure that play meets the full range of children's individual and group needs.
  3. To fully support inclusive practice and ensure that all children can be involved in the activities offered if they wish.


  1. To undertake continuous professional development, including short courses and qualifications relevant to playwork;
  2. To promote the aims and objectives of the school;
  3. To understand and adhere to the school’s policies, procedures and standards at-all-times;
  4. To ensure the club offers the highest standards of physical and emotional care, health and safety, and food hygiene at-all-times;
  5. To assist with the preparation and maintenance of materials and equipment;
  6. Recording accidents in the accident book;
  7. Ensure children are collected in strict accordance with the school’s child collection policy;
  8. To ensure the club offers a high quality, inclusive environment which meets the needs of all children, regardless of culture, religion, and physical or emotional development;
  9.  To ensure confidentiality within the club at-all-times;

Contact: Naomi@childsplayclub.co.uk

Date posted: 13 December 2018