Out of School Alliance - Help and Support for Out of School Clubs

Press releases

Recent press releases by the Out of School Alliance are listed below.

Headline Date
After school warehousing of children is not the same as quality childcare 14 Feb 2014
Out of school clubs roll out the red carpet for OSCARS 28 Feb 2012
OOSA founders reach finals of national business awards 11 Aug 2011
New jobs service for out of school clubs 9 Sept 2010
Out of School Alliance helps holiday clubs prepare for summer fun 5 July 2010
Deadline approaches for establishing out of school provision 9 Mar 2010
More out of school clubs needed to fill childcare gap 9 Nov 2009
New service makes setting up out of school clubs simple 9 Sept 2009


Media contacts

For more information about any of these press releases, or on the work of the Out of School Alliance, contact Catherine Wrench on 01638 744056 or catherine@oosa.co.uk.