Start-up pack for Welsh OSCs

The Start-up Pack for Welsh OSCs contains templates of all the paperwork that you are likely to need when setting up and running an out of school club based in Wales. It combines the contents of our key information packs but tailored to reflect the regulatory framework for childcare settings that operate in Wales. It is thus based on the content of our:

plus numerous additional templates that we do not currently sell separately, as well as some documents specifically developed for Welsh settings such as the Welsh Language Policy and the Statement of Purpose, giving you a total of 118 template documents.

The templates in the Start-up Pack for Welsh OSCs reflect the current version (2016) of the National Minimum Standards for Regulated Childcare for children up to the age of 12 years, as well as any subsequent changes to relevant legislation such as the introduction of the GDPR. The template documents contained in this pack are supplied in English only.

The Start-up Pack for Welsh OSCs is supplied as a download so that you can start using it right away. The template documents are in Microsoft Word format so that you can easily modify them as needed for your own childcare setting. If you are unsure whether your word processing application can open Word documents, find out more about software compatibility.  

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Contents of the pack

43 Template Policies

Active offer
Administering medication
Admissions and fees
Aggressive behaviour
Arrivals and departures
Behaviour management
Child induction
Dangerous plants
Data protection
Emergency evacuation
Fire safety and risk assessment

Food safety
Health and safety
Healthy eating
Illness and accidents
Internet safety
Intimate care
Involving parents
Manual handling
Missing child
Mobile phones
No platform
Pandemic flu
Risk assessment
Safe recruitment
Smoking, alcohol and drugs
Social media
Staff behaviour
Staff disciplinary procedure
Staff grievance
Staff induction and development
Suspending and excluding children
Uncollected children
Welsh language

43 Template Forms

Accident record
Accident tracking
Activity risk assessment
Allergy list
Allergy management plan
Booking form
Building risk assessment
Children's risk assessment
Collection by unknown person
Complaints record
Daily environment checks
Daily register
Document checklist
Equipment risk assessment

Fire drill record
Emergency evacuation poster
Fire procedure
First aid poster
Head injury form
Health management plan
Incident record
Inclusion action plan
Inclusion audit
Journey route risk assessment
Logging a concern
Medical form
Outing permission form
Outing risk assessment checklist
Outing risk assessment overview

Outing risk assessment
Parent contract
Permission to administer medicine
Permission to apply sunscreen
Permission to use photographs
Play plan
Play risk-benefit assessment
Quick reference matrix
Record of medication given
Record of pre-existing injuries
Registration form
Toy catalogue / toy risk assessment sheet
Visitor log
24 Staff and Management Template Documents

Annual appraisal form
Application form
Appraisal self-evaluation form
Central DBS record
Confirmation of suitability to work with children (disqualification)
Deputy manager job description
Employee quarterly review form
Holiday record

Interview questions
Interview record sheet
Invitation to attend interview
Letter of acceptance
Manager job description
Monthly timesheet
Playworker job description
Policy confirmation slip
Reference request letter

Safe recruitment checklist
Sample job advertisement
Staff medical form
Staff record sheet
Terms and conditions of employment (contract)
Volunteer agreement
Volunteer record

8 Sample Parent Communication Documents
Survey of demand
Club rules (A4 poster)
Daily snack menu (A4 poster)
Club newsletter example

Statement of purpose & operational plan
Child settling in survey
Parent satisfaction survey
Child satisfaction survey



Related packs

Our standard Start-Up Pack contains a comparable set of documents to those listed above, but tailored to settings based in England and therefore regulated and inspected by Ofsted.

How to purchase

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