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Full and relevant qualifications

Since September 2014, there is no longer a statutory requirement for out of school clubs that are registered on the Ofsted Early Years Register to employ staff with 'full and relevant' childcare or playwork qualifications — so long as all the children are in the Reception Year or older. Of course it is still a good idea to employ qualified staff, but it is now down to individual employers to decide what qualifications are appropriate for their settings.

Children who are younger than Reception

However, if your club takes any children who are younger than the Reception Year, for example if the school has a nursery class, then you do still need to meet the standard Early Years qualification requirements for the staff caring for these youngest children. This means that:

  • the manager must have a 'full and relevant' Level 3 qualification (or above)
  • at least one member of staff at each session must have a 'full and relevant' Level 3 qualification (or above)
  • half the remaining staff must have a 'full and relevant' Level 2 qualification (or above).

Pre-September 2014 qualifications

For staff who obtained a Level 2 or Level 3 qualification (or above) — or who began their training — before 1 September 2014, there is a definitve list of recognised 'full and relevant' qualifications on the Department for Education website. This list includes the Level 3 NVQ and Level 3 Diploma in Playwork.
See the full list of recognised qualifications >

Note that if a member of staff has a pre-September 2014 qualification that isn't included on the list, there is also a search tool on the DfE website.

Post-September 2014 qualifications

For staff who started their training after 1 September 2014, only qualifications that meet the Early Years Educator (EYE) criteria are counted as 'full and relevant' for registered Early Years settings. The DfE website has a list of the qualifications that currently meet the EYE criteria. As a general rule, if the qualification has the words 'Early Years Educator' in its title, it is considered 'full and relevant'.
Download the current list of qualifications which meet the EYE criteria >

It is notable that no playwork courses are currently included in the list of acceptable post-September 2014 qualifications.

English and Maths GCSEs

Anyone currently working towards a Level 3 EYE qualification must have at least a grade C in English and Maths at GCSE (or an equivalent), in order to be counted in staffing ratios. If they obtain a Level 3 EYE qualification but don't also have English and Maths GCSEs they can only be counted as Level 2 staff in staffing ratios. A summary of what qualifications are considered equivalent to GCSEs is available on the DfE website:
See the summary of GCSE equivalent qualifications >

If a member of staff has a recognised 'full and relevant' qualification which they obtained, or began, before 1 September 2014 there is no requirement for them to also have a GCSE in English and Maths.

What does all this mean for out of school clubs?

So how do these changes to 'full and relevant' qualifications affect out of school clubs?

  • Most out of school clubs — those which only take children of Reception age or above — will not be affected. You can decide for yourself what qualifications you want your staff to have.
  • Clubs which take children who are under Reception age do still need to have staff with recognised 'full and relevant' qualifications, but if these qualifications were obtained or commenced before 1 September 2014 the list of qualifications that are acceptable is unchanged. For example, the Level 3 NVQ in Playwork would be acceptable.
  • Clubs which take children who are under Reception age, and which employ staff who started their training after 1 September 2014, must ensure that their staff are studying for a recognised EYE qualification and that they also have Maths and English at GCSE if they want to be able to count those staff members as Level 3 in their staffing ratios.

More information

Download the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage 2014
DfE list of recognised Level 3 qualifications
DfE list of GCSE equivalent qualifications

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