Why join OOSA?

Thinking boyMembership of the Out of School Alliance (OOSA) costs from just £55.00 per year depending on how many settings you operate. Read on to find out more about how the membership subscription works.

You can join online today and start enjoying the benefits of membership right away.

When you join OOSA you benefit from a wide range of member-only services, all designed to make your time (and money) go further. These include*:

Join OOSA now and start enoying the benefits of membership right away.

We also offer discounted group membership rates for local authorities. See our Local Authority Membership Scheme for more information.

* We reserve the right to modify the member benefits from time to time and without notice.   

 Your Membership Subscription

Our membership subscription has been developed to fairly reflects that our diverse sector is made up of lots of different types of businesses, both single setting providers and multi-site providers. This new model speaks to our commitment and values over consistency, fairness and transparency. 

Your subscription rate will change as your business grows so that each operational setting will contribute to the membership. OOSA is a ‘buyers club’; you put your subscription contribution in so that when you need to, you can draw out from the resources available. That means that if you’re potentially ‘drawing out’ for multiple settings, it’s important that you’re putting in for all of them. We have scaled up the contribution for multi-site providers, but we have developed a pricing structure that we are confident does not penalise you for growth. 

Our membership operates as a ‘subscription’ model, where your annual subscription will automatically be collected. We will of course remind you one month before that subscription will be collected, but this will reduce the administration of your membership for both you and us and most of our members tell us that they thought it always was this way! 

Those of you who have multiple settings will also be given a log in for each setting that you operate. That way your setting team can ‘self-serve’ our factsheets, information and activity ideas and the newsletter will also be sent directly to them as well, so your team will have access to information and support directly. 

Please ensure that you take out membership in the correct membership category. We reserve the right to undertake suitable checks on publicly available information to confirm you are in the right membership category. Your continued membership is contingent on this as outlined in our Terms and Conditions