Activity club pack

The Activity Club Pack is aimed at clubs which do not need to register with Ofsted because they are providing specific adult-led activities (eg netball club, nature club, Chinese club, drama club, etc) rather than providing wraparound childcare. Such clubs are typically only open for one or two hours at a time (although they may be open longer in holiday periods), and usually children only attend once or twice per week.

Because these types of activity clubs are not Ofsted-registered, there is no set of prescribed paperwork that they need to have. However we have put together a set of template documents which most activity clubs will find useful. Our template policies help you to establish how you will deal with key issues that all clubs need to consider, such as what to do if a parent does not collect a child; and our various forms help you to capture and record essential information.

The Activity Club Pack is delivered immediately via email so that you can start using it right away. The template documents are supplied in Microsoft Word format so that you can easily modify them as needed for your own club. If you are unsure whether your word processing application can open Word documents, find out more about software compatibility.

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Contents of the pack

The Activity Club Pack contains 19 documents, all in Word format and ready for you to customize for your own club. The contents of the pack are listed below:

Administering medication
Data protection
Health and safety
Missing child
Mobile phones and wearable technology
Safe recruitment
Uncollected children

Staff-related documents:
Lone working
Lone working risk assessment
Lone working checklist
Staff record
Volunteer record
Volunteer agreement

Accident log
Daily environment checks
Daily register
Incident log
Logging a concern
Permission to administer medicine
Record of medication given

For more information about activity clubs, see our Setting up an activity club article.

Related packs

The Activity Club Pack is specifically aimed at clubs which are not Ofsted-registered. It is usually bought on its own and does not complement our other template packs.

For more information about what is required for this type of club, see our article on Setting up an activity club.

How to purchase

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The Activity Club Pack will be emailed to you when we receive your payment. Please ensure that you enter your email address correctly.

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When you purchase the Activity Club Pack we will send a confirmation email to the address that you specified in the purchase process. The email will contain a link to a .zip file which contains all the templates in Word format. Click on the link to download the .zip file. Please download the .zip file straightaway as the link is only active for 48 hours after purchase.

Most computer systems will automatically open the .zip file for you so that you can access the Word files. If the .zip file does not open automatically you will need to use a standard decompression utility (such as WinZip, Stuffit or PKZip) to extract the Word files.