At the Out of School Alliance we provide information for people who run out of school clubs. You can buy our information packs and activity packs, and you can also gain access to further benefits and information by taking out an annual membership.

Information packs

We know how hard it is to track down all the information that you need when you're starting up an out of school club. To make your life easier we have pulled together packs of essential policies and forms that all clubs need, such as our Start-Up Pack. Once your club is up and running, you may find our collections of templates and guides on specific topics helpful, such as GDPR, self-evaluation, staff induction and Early Years.

Our packs have been updated in line with the Statutory Requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage 2024. 

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If you are unsure which pack is right for you, see our Which template pack? guide. 

Information Packs Update January 2024

Our packs have been reviewed for compliance with EYFS 2024. Referencing amendments have been made amongst other significant changes. 

Members are advised to check the Paperwork Library for updated PDF reference copies (non-editable) and review the guide to what's changed.


Activity packs

Members of the Out of School Alliance have free access to our extensive library of activities for children, but if you're not yet a member, or if you want to save time, we also have collections of activities available as downloadable PDF files.
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Annual membership

If you'd like to join the Out of School Alliance, and enjoy all the benefits of membership, you can join online today.
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