Operating manual pack

A club's Operating Manual provides an overview of how the club is run. It acts as a comprehensive 'handover document' that can be passed on to a new manager or management committee to ensure the continued smooth running of your setting. Although an Operating Manual is useful for all types of club, it is especially relevant for committee-run settings where it is not uncommon for several members of the management committee to step down at the same time, taking their knowledge and experience with them.

Creating an entire Operating Manual from scratch can be quite a daunting prospect, so we have put together the Operating Manual Pack to make it easier. The Pack consists of a 30-page template manual, together with detailed guidance on how to use it. By working through the template and 'filling in the gaps' you will create a comprehensive Operating Manual, detailing all aspects of how your club is managed and run.

The Operating Manual Pack is supplied as a download so that you can start using it immediately. The template manual is supplied in Microsoft Word format and the instructions are supplied as a PDF file. If you are unsure whether your word processing application can open Word documents, find out more about software compatibility.

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Contents of the pack

The Operating Manual Pack consists of two documents:

  • 30 page template manual (in Word format)
  • guidance notes on using the template (in PDF format)

Related packs

The Operating Manual template makes extensive references to the club's existing policies and procedures. If your club doesn't already have these in place you will find the large selection of template policies contained in the Start-Up Pack useful.

How to purchase

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When you purchase the Operating Manual Pack we will send a confirmation message to the email address that you specify on the payment pages. The email will contain a link to a .zip file which contains the template manual in Word format and the instructions in PDF format. Click on the link to download the .zip file. Please download the .zip file straightaway as the link will stop working after 48 hours.
Most computer systems will automatically open the .zip file for you so that you can extract the Word and PDF files within. If the .zip file does not open automatically you will need to use a standard decompression utility (such as WinZip, Stuffit or PKZip) to extract the files.