Staff induction pack

The Staff Induction Pack contains templates for the documents that you need to ensure that new members of staff are properly trained in all the practices, policies and procedures of your club. This is in accordance with the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021 which states that:

"Providers must ensure that all staff receive induction training to help them understand their roles and responsibilities." (para 3.20)

The main component of the Staff Induction Pack is the nine-page Staff Handbook which provides a quick reference to all of your club's key employment-related policies and procedures, including topics such as code of conduct, dress code, confidentiality and staff disciplinary procedure.

The Pack also includes an Induction Checklist which acts as both an aide memoire for the person conducting the induction training, and as a written record that the induction has been fully completed.

For your convenience the Pack also has templates for nine policies which specifically relate to staff.

The Staff Induction Pack is supplied as a download so that you can start using it immediately. The template documents are supplied in Microsoft Word format so that you can easily modify them as needed for your own childcare setting. If you are unsure whether your word processing application can open Word documents, find out more about software compatibility.

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Contents of the pack

The Staff Induction Pack contains the Staff Handbook plus 14 other documents, all in Word format and ready for you to use. The contents of the pack are listed below:

Staff Handbook

Induction checklist
Daily Set-Up checklist
Daily Close-Down checklist
Daily Task Rota
Policy Confirmation slip
How to use this pack
Manual Handling policy
Mobile phones and wearable technology policy
Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs policy
Social Media policy
Staff Behaviour policy
Staff Disciplinary policy
Staff Grievance policy
Staff Induction policy
Whistleblowing policy

All of the templates are compliant with the latest version of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (2021)

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The Staff Induction Pack is a partner to our popular Employment and Management Pack which contains templates relating to staff recruitment and personnel management, such as job descriptions, appraisals, holiday forms etc.    

Most of the policies included in the Staff Induction Pack are also available in our Start-Up Pack.

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