Early years for OSCs pack

All out of school clubs that are registered on the Ofsted Early Years Register, must meet all the relevant requirements of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

However various sections of the Statutory Framework (for example the Learning and Development Requirements) do not apply to out of school clubs, and even where requirements are applicable they are often couched in terms that make sense for a typical early years setting (such as a nursery or a pre-school) and are hard to meet in the context of a playwork setting. This causes some confusion and a certain amount of anxiety in many providers of out of school care.

Out of school providers are required to have consideration for the overall learning and development of the youngest children in their care. This pack is designed to support you to deliver this requirement in the context of the type of setting you are; one that delivers play experiences after the school day has finished.  

Our Early Years for OSCs Pack aims to help you understand and meet the requirements of the Statutory Framework in the context of an out of school club. It contains three reference articles, seven templates and various other documents, which will help you implement the relevant parts of the Statutory Framework in your club.

The Early Years for OSCs Pack is delivered via download so that you can start using its contents immediately. The template documents are supplied in Microsoft Word format so that you can easily modify them as needed for your own childcare setting. If you are unsure whether your word processing application can open Word documents, find out more about software compatibility.

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Contents of the pack

The Early Years for OSCs Pack contains 12 documents, all in Word or PDF format and ready for you to use. The contents of the pack are listed below:


All About Me booklet
EYFS Policy
Key Person Information Card
Play Plan
Early Years Observation Sheet
Early Years Observation Summary
Articles, guides and factsheets:

How to use this pack
Document checklist
Early Years for out of school clubs
Quick Reference Guide to the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements
Playwork principles
Playwork principles poster

All of the templates are compliant with the latest version (2024) of the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and any subsequent changes to regulation.

Related packs

The Early Years for OSCs Pack is often purchased with the Essential Policies Pack which contains templates for the policies specifically required by the Safeguarding & Welfare Requirements of the Statutory Framework.

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