Shortfall in school funding threatens out of school clubs

While clubs that run on school premises have been at risk of schools taking over their business for some time, this issue has really accelerated in recent months, as schools struggle to find ways to plug the shortfall in their budgets due to inadequate government funding. We have reported on this issue many times in the past. Now one of our members, Sandra Ogden, is ready to take the fight to government and is looking for supporters. This is what she has to say:

Purse with just a few coinsAs funding cuts in education are biting hard, our hard working PVI settings  - some who have been in operation for between 25-36 years - who have loyally supported our communities in providing wrap-around care and pre-schools, are finding their business is being taken inhouse by schools with no consideration of TUPE, employment or commercial law and business ethics.  Livelihoods are being lost and the children we care for not considered.

Neither Central Government, Dept of Education or local authorities care of the damage they are doing to the children, parents or citizens who have worked hard to provide these provisions for their communities.

We would like to establish how many provisions have been affected or are presently being affected by what appears to be driven by a central government initiative.

We have been informed consultants have been into schools and governing bodies to guide them how to review their finances and to take provisions inhouse, targeting wrap around care and nursery provision to generate revenue. This contravenes The Education Act 2018 on profit on their remissions policy, whereby revenue should be cost neutral nor funding used for other school gain. A major childcare insurer has confirmed many of their clients are being affected by this trend nationally.

We are wanting to lobby Parliament and our local MPs to get them to face up to their poor decision making.

Why should schools be made to run childcare provisions rather than educate our children just to find the money to fund government shortfall in funding for education and destroy small businesses that have provided the service for many years in their local communities.

If you feel you can contribute or support our cause please contact us at or 07889474777.

Posted by: Sandra Ogden
Date: 6 July 2019

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