Share the love

Heart-shaped appleIn my world, Valentine’s Day isn’t just about one special person in your life, but for sharing the love far and wide. The real beauty of this philosophy is that it is incredibly easy to achieve, and makes everyone feel good.

So here are my top tips to sharing the love at your out of school club this Valentine’s Day:

*Make heart shaped toast. You just need to use a cookie cutter, but it really does taste better this way.

*Encourage some healthy eating, by serving up some strawberries, melon, apple, cucumber, etc, cut into heart shapes.

Heart-shaped fruit

*Make some Valentine’s paper wreaths and decorate your club.

Marshmallow pops*Make paper plate heart hats - perfect for getting everyone in a happy mood.

*Bake and decorate heart-shaped biscuits. Any biscuit recipe will do but make sure you have lots of sprinkles and sparkles for the decoration.

*What about making marshmallow pops? So pretty, and good to share with friends.

*Make popcorn confetti - a lovely gift for those special people in your life.


 Posted by: Catherine Wrench
Date: 30 January 2018