No cheating!

It might sound obvious, but there is absolutely no point changing how you do things at your club at the last minute, purely to impress the Ofsted inspector – YOU WILL BE FOUND OUT!

For example, if you have an inspector arrive and you decide to introduce rolling snacks that afternoon because you know that Ofsted love it, the children will without a doubt loudly ask why you've suddenly changed things, and why everyone isn't all eating together like normal.

Girl with deeply suspicious expression on her face

And your staff will be equally flustered by last-minute changes, just when you need them to be totally on top of their game. It's much better all round to stick to your usual routine.

If you think that your daily practice isn't inspection ready, instead of attempting a quick 'cheat' at the last minute, set about making the necessary changes long before the inspector arrives on your doorstep.

Spend time observing how your club runs, how the children interact with staff, how they engage with each other and with the activities you have on offer. Essentially, look at the club as though you are an outsider and consider how things could be improved. Make notes, so you can properly evaluate your findings with the rest of your staff, and prioritise any changes you wish to make, so you can implement them in order of importance.

Your notes and planned changes will also provide evidence that you are reflecting on your practice and seeking to make improvements.

Posted by: Catherine Wrench
Date: 5 March 2018