Local authority membership

Discounts for local authorities

Local authorities can join the Out of School Alliance LA Membership scheme, which entitles all out of school club settings in their area to become a member without paying the individual membership fee. Group membership rates for local authorities depend on the number of out of school settings in their area, and represent a significant discount compared to individual membership rates.

For more information about the Out of School Alliance LA Membership scheme contact info@oosa.co.uk or call 0345 3142008

Are you a new local authority member?

If you are an out of school setting and have been given an access code by your local authority, you will need to register with OOSA before you can access the members-only features of the web site. You should have received instructions on how to do this from your local authority. If you have not received these instructions or can't find them, please contact info@oosa.co.uk or call 0345 3142008 for help.

Already an individual member?

If you are already an OOSA member, and have received an access code from your local authority, send your OOSA username and access code to info@oosa.co.uk and we will extend your existing OOSA membership by one year.