OOSA Club Database

We have had so many requests for a simple, affordable, club management product over the years that we are delighted to announce the launch of the OOSA Club Database. This really straightforward database product is designed to simplify the administrative process of recording bookings, creating daily registers, and generating invoices.
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Developed by the child-minding software experts CM Software; the OOSA Club Database is available exclusively to OOSA members. There are eight different designs, with prices starting at £327 for club design JENN, and rising to £547 for club design TIM (which includes an additional invoice method which offers a 10 week pre-booking option with designated invoice and register. The prices are a one-off cost and there is no monthly fee or annual subscription and no hidden set-up charges. If you require a given club design to be altered, this will usually attract a nominal additional charge.

Product details

There are now 8 designs currently available, each offering a different charge combination.  Method of use is identical across the features to facilitate ease and simplicity of use. Data by way of the main child data entry form (where data is only entered once) is imported time and again as use of the software dictates. A variety of register designs and two different invoice methods come as standard.

Each design comes in either CORE version (for the smaller club setting) or PROFESSIONAL version (which offers greater range of finance data capture options, report features and inclusion of Bespoke Invoice).

Club JENN  (CORE £327 and PROFESSIONAL £397)
Supports 2 morning and 2 afternoon charge options.

Club JESS (CORE £357 and PROFESSIONAL £427)
Supports 3 morning and 6 afternoon charge options.

Club LEXIE (CORE £357 and PROFESSIONAL £427)
Supports 2 morning and 4 afternoon PLUS an arrive/depart charge option.

Club STEPH (CORE £397 and PROFESSIONAL £467)
Supports 5 morning and 8 afternoon charge options PLUS option to reduce a day charge and enter reason why.

This design supports a dual aspect of use – Holiday/Activities and PM club provision

  • 4 (holiday/activity) charge options. Own individual invoice run
  • 6 afternoon charge options. Own individual invoice run

This design supports a dual aspect of use – Holiday/Activities; AM and PM club provision

  • 3 (holiday/activity) charge option.  Combined single invoice run
  • 3 morning charge options
  • 6 afternoon charge options

Club RUPERT (CORE £277-£397 and PROFESSIONAL £347 - £467)
There are five different charge option design combinations (6 x AM only; 6 x PM only and 6/6 x AM/PM and 4/8 AM/PM)

Club TIM (CORE £477-£547 and PROFESSIONAL £547-£617)
There are three different charge option design combinations (8 x AM only;  6/6 x AM/PM and 4/8 AM/PM)

A range of tutorial videos can be viewed on the CM Software website. Each five-minute tutorial steps you through how to use a given aspect of database. Plus enquiry contact is warmly welcome.

System requirements

The OOSA Club Database runs on your computer and uses Microsoft Access. You may already have this installed on your computer as part of Microsoft Office. If you do not have Microsoft Access installed on your computer you will need to buy the software before you can run the OOSA Club Database.

There are a couple of different ways to buy Microsoft Access. You can:

More information

For more information about the OOSA Club Database, contact CM Software directly. The friendly people at CM Software offer a great deal of assistance in choosing the correct version of the OOSA Club Database, help with importing your initial data and give advice to help you get started.
Visit the CM Software website to discover more about the OOSA Club Database product

How to purchase

Contact CM Software directly to place your order. Note that the OOSA Club Database is only available to members of the Out of School Alliance. You will need to quote an access code as proof of membership when placing your order:
Get the access code for OOSA members