Newsletter April 2022

Welcome to the April 2022 Newsletter from Out of School Alliance

  • OUT OF SCHOOL ALLIANCE UPDATE: I hope March was a good month for you
  • COVID IMPACT SECTOR SURVEY: Did you have a chance to read our Covid-19 Impact survey report?
  • CHILDCARE IN THE NEWS: Children’s Minister is reportedly looking abroad to view alternatives to the UK system of childcare regulation
  • INSPECTION TALES: At our recent OOSA Forum it was suggested that members would appreciate more stories from providers
  • Ofsted & DfE UPDATE: Ofsted have republished updated versions of guidance
  • BUSINESS NEWS: Signing on Bonuses, Insurance Questions
  • TRAINING NEWS: All the new training news
  • EVENTS NEWS: Club Central Conference, Business Mastermind Day
  • MEMBERS OFFERS: Exciting Members Offers 
  • ACTIVITY IDEAS: March is all about Mother’s Day crafts and preparing for Easter Egg hunts
  • PLAYWORK JOBS: The current playwork job vacancies

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