Newsletter November 2021

Welcome to the November 2021 Newsletter from Out of School Alliance

  • OOSA UPDATE: We are into the last half of the Autumn term! 
  • OOSA FORUM UPDATE: Our second OOSA forum event is on 18th November at 7pm and is open for booking now
  • CHILDCARE IN THE NEWS: The call has been made by education charity Impetus
  • TWO THINGS TO DO RIGHT NOW: Review progress with reception teachers, Check that you are meeting the requirements for a food business
  • OFSTED NEWS: New collection of pages on registering with Ofsted
  • DfE UPDATE: We have been working with DfE to develop their understand the impact of Covid-19
  • BUSINESS NEWS: Comprehensive Spending Review 2021
  • TRAINING NEWS: Lots of exciting training opportunites
  • EVENTS NEWS: PARS Conference, The National Playwork Conference 
  • TWO CONSULTATIONS: New Event for Wraparound Care Sector, Out of School Children’s Play Setting Survey
  • HAF LESSONS WEBINAR: Play England hosted a webinar to share best practice in play provision
  • ACTIVITY IDEAS: Self Inflating Baloons and Submarines
  • PARS 2021 CONFERENCE: Don’t miss the chance to get a discounted ticket for the PARS 2021

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